Elsteam S.r.l., originally founded as “Elettrica”, began business supplying air conditioning systems. It quickly made a name for itself on the market, thanks to its highly efficient and functional products for humidity control.

In 1982 engineer Claudio Cattaneo bought the company, changing its name to Elsteam S.r.l.. It specialised in manufacturing humidifiers which, thanks to the expertise and innovative approach of the new owner, built a reputation for themselves in the sector as distinctive, original products that offer technological features such as:

  • automatic cleaning with a “free” draining system;
  • control of production with variable distance between the electrodes;
  • proportional modulated production with triac power control;
  • cleaning of electrodes by controlled voltage rectification;
  • operational safety with a system with a double siphon to prevent overpressure and voltage surges;
  • containment of water leaks during steam output thanks to selector valve.

Original but simplified products, cost-effectiveness and an efficient after sales service have been the philosophy that has driven the development of Elsteam humidifiers.
Evco S.p.A., a leading manufacturer of electronic controllers, shares the same philosophy as Elsteam and in 2020 decided to purchase the company to give added value to its future products, thanks to its specialised knowledge of electronics and the possible synergies with its own product portfolio.
The Elsteam name has been kept, together with all the current staff including Claudio Cattaneo and, with them, the knowledge and experience they have built up over the years. The intention is to invest further in staff and resources to take this success story to the next stage.