Energy saving

Energy-efficient adiabatic humidifier


Rack with configurable number of nozzles

Minimal maintenance

Works with demineralised water


VDI 6022-1 certification guarantees no risk of bacterial proliferation

Variable speed management

Equipped with an EVCO inverter installed in the electrical compartment and physically separated from the hydraulic unit
  • Humidity distributed into an AHU or the room
  • Number of nozzles customisable (4 l/h or 8 l/h)
  • Constant 80 bar pressure irrespective of number of nozzles
  • Tiny particles produced (15 μm)
  • Stainless steel pumping system
  • EVCO controller with an EPcolor interface on the hydraulic unit and an EVCO controller with an EV3 interface on the distribution rack
  • Pump control with instant viewing of operational parameters

The humidifiers in the HPN series deliver steam into the room using a customisable distribution system, or directly into an AHU, using distribution racks with a configurable number of branches and nozzles. Several AHUs can be served by a single humidifier by connecting the hydraulic unit to multiple distribution racks. Each rack has its own controller connected to the AHU humidity sensor. Depending on the production requirement of each rack, the precision control of the hydraulic unit keeps the pressure of the fluid constant (8 MPa), producing mist with a particle size of around 15 μm, irrespective of the size of the rack.

Steam distribution racks

Distribution racks are available in three different heights; Distribution racks are available in three different heights; the length of the branches is variable and nozzle size may be 4 l/h or 8 l/h. The number of nozzles can be customised to the client’s needs. The EVCO controller installed on the rack gives proportional control of the opening of the nozzles. Built entirely in stainless steel, the distribution system automatically controls the solenoid valve to discharge water, meeting the hygiene requirements of VDI 6022-1.

Ideal in the following applications


Residential and commercial environments


Textile industry


Paper and printing industry


Food industry


Greenhouses, botanical gardens and farms


Biomedical industry

Production capacity[Kg/h]120180240300360420480540660840
Maximum pressure[MPa/bar]8/808/808/808/808/808/808/808/808/808/80
Distribution rack (HPNxRACKxxx)
Maximum number of nozzles (8l/h) controlled by the humidifier[n]152230374552606782105
Power consumption[kW]
Power supply[Vac, Hz]230, 50/60
Inlet water qualityComplies with microbiological standards for drinking water established by German standard (TrinkwV) and demineralised (completely or partially) water from drinking water. A VDI 6022 non return valve must be installed if non-demineralised water is used
Inlet water conductivityμS*cm0...100
Inlet water hardness°f0...5
Inlet water pressure[MPa/bar]0,02...0,7/0,2...7
Inlet water connectionM 3/4"GAS
Water drain external dimensions[mm]M 1/4"GAS
Dimensions(WxHxD [mm])515x600x335660x600x335
Main unit protection---IP20
Distribution rack protection---IP40
Type of controllerbuilt into hydraulic unit, remote on distribution rack
Command signal4… 20 mA (built-in controller), 0-10 V or ON-OFF (remote controller)
Distribution racks
HPNxxRACKxxxcustomisable rigid distribution rack (consisting of a rack cabinet complete with electronic control and inlet, outlet and shutter solenoid valves and a number of rigid branches complete with spray nozzles)
0016020016telescopic support for rigid distribution rack
Mist eliminator
HPNDROPXXmist eliminator various sizes
Hoses to load water
HPNK03unit/rack water fill hose in technopolymer length 2 m
HPNK04unit/rack water fill hose in technopolymer length 3 m
HPNK05unit/rack water fill hose in technopolymer length 5 m
HPNK06unit/rack water fill hose in technopolymer length 10 m
HPNK07unit/rack water fill hose in technopolymer length 15 m
HPNK13stainless steel unit/rack water fill hose length 2 m (VDI 6022-1 compliant)
HPNK14stainless steel unit/rack water fill hose length 3 m (VDI 6022-1 compliant)
HPNK15stainless steel unit/rack water fill hose length 5 m (VDI 6022-1 compliant)
HPNK16stainless steel unit/rack water fill hose length 10 m (VDI 6022-1 compliant)
HPNK17stainless steel unit/rack water fill hose length 15 m (VDI 6022-1 compliant)
EV3411M7single output electronic controller, power supply 230 VAC, multi-sensor analog input
EVHP523humidity transducer 4... 20 mA with range 5- 95% R.H.
EVHTP523humidity and temperature transducer, power supply 8... 28 VDC, 2 x 4-20 mA provided signal
EVTPNW30F200NTC probe, 2 wires thermoplastic cable 3 m lenght, 5x20 mm overmoulded bulb, IP68 protection
Reverse osmosis system
EHRO200200 l/h reverse osmosis system
EHRO300300 l/h reverse osmosis system
EHRO400 400 l/h reverse osmosis system