Minimum footprint

Compact unit for small spaces which produces up to 1 kg/h

Energy saving

Energy-efficient adiabatic humidifier

Silent operation

Thanks to advanced ultrasound technology and fan modulation


Constant, efficient production and master/slave function for multiple units

Connectivity and IoT

RS-485 port which allows configuration from a PC, remote supervision and Wi-Fi connectivity for IoT uses

Remote viewing and diagnostics

Thanks to optional remote user interfaces with LED display or LCD graphic display with master-slave functions
  • Automatic draining system, stops bacteria proliferating
  • Protection against no inlet water
  • Significantly less maintenance required when EHRO012 is installed – reverse osmosis water demineralisation system
  • Built-in controller with LED user interface and capacitive touch keys
  • Can be connected to humidity probes for proportional control
  • Tank in self-extinguishing engineering plastic in compliance with Method A and Method C of ISO 846

Compact technology for indoor use or T/RH preservation

Cigar humidors and display cases, wine cellars and bottle coolers, air renewal units, fan coils, refrigerated units and cold rooms

Ideal in the following applications




Preservation, transportation and display of fresh produce


Temperature, humidity, food processing units and rooms


Wine cellars

Production capacity1.0 kg/h
Power consumption110 W
Power supply100-230VAC 50/60Hz Power Switching
Inlet water qualityDemineralised/drinking water
Inlet water conductivity0 - 1250 μS*cm
Inlet water hardness0 - 50 °f
Inlet water pressure0,02...1 MPa / 0,2...10 bar
Inlet water connectionJohn Guest 8 mm
Water drain external dimensions11 mm
Outlet mist external dimension50 mm
Dimensions107.4 x 262.75 x 148 mm
Weight1.7 kg
Degree of protection IP20
Type of controllerbuilt-in
Command signal ON/OFF, 0...10 V or 4...20 mA
RS-485 MODBUS RTU serial port1
Wi-Fioptional with EVIF25TW4X0001 external module
Remote user interface
EV3K61XLESRB74x32 mm format, 24 VDC power supply, 2-line LED display and 4 capacitive keys
EVHTP520temperature/humidity probe with range 5- 95% R.H. and -10 - 70 °C
EVHP523humidity transducer 4... 20 mA with range 5- 95% R.H.
Water demineralisation system
EHRO012water demineralisation system which uses reverse osmosis to produce 12 litres an hour
Linear steam distributors
UHFK02linear steam distributor kit with different direction piping bends
EHUK009connection for external forced ventilation (venting kit)
EVIF25TW4X0001TTL module with Wi-Fi connectivity + real time clock