Various sizes available, so it adapts easily to the size of the air handling unit

Maximum efficiency

- Hydraulic unit installed in the AHU
- No loss of load
- No condensate in the distributor
- Helps heat the room

Germ-free steam

Isothermal humidification produces sterile steam
  • Installed directly in the AHU: no need for an electronics compartment or distribution piping
  • Automatic draining system with 40 mm diameter
  • Protects against flooding in the AHU
  • Mechanical parts designed to simplify use and maintenance
  • Stainless steel electrodes
  • Electrical panel separate from the hydraulic unit
  • Microprocessor controller with LED user interface
  • Connection for RS-485 protocol for remote control in MODBUS mode

The standout feature of the VEH series is that each model is made up of two separate units: a polypropylene hydraulic unit which is ISO 846 certified (it is installed directly in the AHU, it has no distribution piping for optimal steam release and helps heat the room) and an electrical control unit with IP55 protection which requires no electronics compartment.

Choose the most suitable version for your AHU

Models are available with 4 or 7 electrodes of different depths and steam production capacity that goes from 10 to 100 kg/h, making the VEH series easy to adapt to the size of the AHU.

A range of accessories is available to customise the size and accessibility of the hydraulic unit.

Ideal in the following applications


Ospedali, camere bianche


Data centres


Direct humidification in residential, commercial and industrial environments

Production capacity [kg/h]10202030304040606080100
Power consumption [kW]7.51515 22.522.5303045456075
Power supply [Vac, Hz]400, 50/60
Phases [n]3
Current per phase [A]11222232324343656587108
Inlet water qualityComplies with microbiological standards for drinking water established by regulations in force where installed. Partially demineralised water may be used
Inlet water conductivity [μS*cm]75…1250
Inlet water hardness [°f]5...50
Inlet water pressure [MPa/bar]0,02...1/0,2...10
Inlet water connectionM 3/4"GAS
Water drain external diameter [mm]40
Control unit dimensions [mm]350x500x210
Hydraulic unit dimensions [mm]330x167
Depth 4 electrodes [mm]635785/985/1185/1385///
Depth 7 electrodes [mm]//635/785/785/98511851385
Hydraulic unit weight [kg]1518182020242426263133
Operating conditions [°C, RH]1…40, max. 80% non-condensing
Storage conditions [°C, RH]-10…70, max. 95% non-condensing
Electrical panel protectionIP65
Hydraulic unit protectionIPX0
Type of controllerBuilt-in
Command signalON-OFF, proportional 0...10 V, transducer 0...10V/4...20 mA
RS-485 MODBUSBuilt-in
Condensate collection trays
0016020018stainless steel condensate collection tray 490x690x70 mm
0016020019stainless steel condensate collection tray 490x950x70 mm
0016020020stainless steel condensate collection tray 490x1.350x70 mm
EHVIdrainage tank Zephyr, KT and VEH series humidifier
EHKD0K185 m long power supply cable kit between panel and hydraulic unit for EHKD010-EHKD020-EHKD030-EHKD040-VEH10-VEH20-VEH30-VEH40
EHKD0K195 m long power supply cable kit between panel and hydraulic unit for EHKD060-EHKD080-EHKD100-VEH60-VEH80-VEH100
EHKD0K20hydraulic unit accessibility kit for VEH series humidifiers from air treatment units
EHKD0K22wall-mounted hydraulic connection kit for VEH series humidifiers
EHKD0K23VEH series humidifier water loading/unloading external kit
EV3411M7single output electronic controller, power supply 230 VAC, multi-sensor analog input
EVHTP520humidity and temperature probe, proprietary signal
EVHP523humidity transducer, power supply 8... 28 VDC, 1 x 4-20 mA provided signal
EVHTP523humidity and temperature transducer, power supply 8... 28 VDC, 2 x 4-20 mA provided signal
EVTPNW30F200NTC probe, 2 wires thermoplastic cable 3 m lenght, 5x20 mm overmoulded bulb, IP68 protection
00310000480.3 m long flexible hose ¾ " GAS female that connects the mains water and solenoid valve to load water